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My Story

I started out in the kitchen when I was very young. I vividly remember licking the cake batter out of my mom's bowls as a toddler. Growing up, I watched my mother bake and cook for family occasions and everyday dinners. I stood by her side so often while she cooked, that she asked me to join in measuring out ingredients and following recipes. Soon after, I took over some of the cooking duties and started to bake cookies for fun. Every time I stepped into my kitchen I felt all of my stress dissolve as I whipped up some cupcakes. That was when I knew that the kitchen was my calling. I started taking some classes here and there to learn the basics, but it was not until I took a class at the International Culinary Center that I realized my dream of going to culinary school and my real passion for the culinary arts. I have been following many food bloggers, and always dreamed of starting my own, but never carried it out.

Recently watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes back for the third time, as Star Wars geeks do (guilty), I had an epiphany while Yoda trained Luke to become a Jedi. “Do or do not. There is no try.” Says Yoda. As cheesy as it might be (have you met me?), it inspired me to just start my blog instead of dreaming what could of happened if I did.


My Life

My name is Hannah Hasson, and I am a Jewish high-schooler from New York City. I live with my parents and three sisters. I hate homework, ketchup, and burnt cookies. I have an obsession with unicorns and all things pink. I am also an extremely clumsy and awkward person 😊.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Fudge Brownie.

Favorite cookie? Chocolate Chip.

Favorite animal? Koala.

Unexpected hobbies? I play the drums!